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Our Coworking space

For Entrepreneurs seeking to bring their ideas into implementation , Because we believe in our Power as young entrepreneurs to create opportunities we created the best working and learning atmosphere entrepreneurs would need to build their own startup. 
You will get
- Online Learning hub that has talks , articles and books
- Entrepreneurship workshops 
-promotion on our media
- Mentorship and Coaching
- Product selling space.
- Meeting Room once a week .
- Business Books that you can read at the olympus


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Our Rooms and Spaces

- For all teachers , students ,or teams who want their own Space . 
We offer you the cheapest rooms and halls in Minya .

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Shared Spaces

If you want to enjoy a cheap space in which you can focus and concentrate , you can join us in Olympus at anytime

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Entrepreneurship Workshop Level III

 -Workshop on Management , Leadership , organisational culture .. etc
- Free working Space for the whole month 
- Online and offline resources for learning 
- One to One Coaching 
- Workshop planning and working Manual
- Connections with people who can help or work with you
- Free promotion for your Products.
- Free Selling booth for 2 months
- 20% Discount on the rest of our courses and activities​

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Become a Game Changer NOW

Join our Community and Lead

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