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Our Soft Skills and Leadership Programs

All year Long

For those who love developing themselves in a challenging manner , we offer you a set of camps and workshops that will help you get out of your comfort zone , unleash your leadership potential , feel the adrenaline rush ,and control your emotions , thoughts ,and desires.

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Unleash It Camp

Feel the Thunder

Each year, The Olympus provides a wholesome experience packed with creativity, friends, Leadership and fun. Our fun and unforgettable program promotes the development of self-esteem, independence , Leadership ,and responsibility for all campers.

The Camp is 7 Days in Minya and 5 days in Siwa. y in winter and in Dahab in Summer .You will work in a team to find the treasure , learn a skill (Arts , contemporary dance , Hip Hop ,  Moviemaking) ,and discover history in the ultimate Camping Experience.

Control Camp

Each Friday , we host a camp for you to learn how to control your desires , thoughts , emotions , body , mind ,and soul. It's about time to be on top of your life . 
 Apply Now and be a part of our game Changing society ;become a Leader, make friends ,get out of your comfort zone ,and have fun

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