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What is your greatest fear ?

When i was a little kid, I used to fear lots and tons of things (some of them scare me till now) from cockroaches , to darkness , to my older siblings imitating vampires . When i grew older my fears started to become more realistic. They started controlling my life . I was scared from people getting too close ,after being “betrayed” by my primary school friends” , so i stopped making close friends . I was afraid of change , so i stopped taking ventures and trying New things.

When i got older, supposedly wiser , i voiced out that I am afraid of the dark. Suddenly, i wasn’t any more. I’m afraid of letting friends in. Now I have a beautiful soul for a best friend whom i know who cross the ocean for me. (Yes Sara, that’s you). I’m afraid of change, so i got out of my comfort zone in volunteering and opened my own business. There’s a secret i can tell you about fear. As the old proverb (اللي يخاف من العفريت،يطلعله) Says , Fear is like a magnet ; It pulls towards you your scariest thoughts , creates a prison out of them for you ,and torments you with them becoming a reality. The first step of becoming fearless is admitting what you’re scared off. Doing so will put some sense into your brains and Help you claim your life into

your own hands. Cease the Fear ,and share with us what is it that you’re most scared of and how you are planning to get your life into your hands again

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